Pennsylvania's outdoors has something for every kid. Winter, summer, overnight or in the sunshine, kids have a lot of space to explore, much to discover, and plenty of fun memories to make.


Stay the Night

Sleeping under the stars is something a child will never forget. Whether it's a parking spot for a modern camper or a patch of grass for a rustic tent, there is a lot of space throughout Pennsylvania's public lands for you to lie down for the night.



Spend the Day

If you can only get away for a day, Pa. has a lot to offer the day tripper. In addition to day hikes, fun in or on the water, wildlife watching, and wintertime activities, Pa. state parks and forests provide space for an almost limitless list of activites. From a leisurely walk aorund a lake to a family hunting trip, kids of all ages can enjoy a day out on Pennsylvania's public lands.



Hit the Trail

One of the easiest activities you can participate in at a state park or forest is to take a hike. There are short, loop trails and there are multi-county trails. Younger children obviously will be more suited to the shorter hikes, which are found mostly in state parks.



Water Fun

Pennsylvania's public lands have lots of water, and that means kids can have fun in the sun. Water-based activities are a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, but there are opportunites to enjoy H2O all year round.




Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. There are so many places throughout the commonwealth that are a sight to behold! Our outdoors are here for everyone to visit and appreciate. Here are some suggested spots.



Enjoy the Winter

Wintertime means funtime, especially for kids. When the mercury dips below freezing, it's more important than ever to break the cabin fever and head out when there's snow and ice blanketing Pennsylvania's outdoors.




While our state parks and forests are open to everyone, year-round, DCNR provides many programs and events for kids for those looking for a bit more structure. For both young and old, Pennsylvania has a variety of programs for visitors to our public lands to participate in learning and fun.



Upcoming Events

Your local state park or forest district have events scheduled all throughout the year. Most are great for kids!