While our state parks and forests are open to everyone, year-round, DCNR provides many programs and events for kids for those looking for a bit more structure. For both young and old, Pennsylvania has a variety of programs for visitors to our public lands to participate in learning and fun.

Here is a page that shows all the educational programs that are offered at Pa. state parks. Check your local park office for more infomation.

GO OUTSIDE: Go to this map to find educational opportunities in a state park near you!


DiscoverE is a series of exciting outdoor programs for young people ages 4-17 provided by Pennsylvania State Parks. DiscoverE makes every day an adventure, every state park a new, wondrous experience! For more information, take a look here.

To find a DiscoverE program going on near you, visit the DCNR Events page.

Get Outdoors PA

If you're a bit of an outdoor novice and looking to learn more about a recreational activity, Get Outdoors PA is for you! This program helps you learn recreation activities like orienteering, hiking, biking or nature photography...and many more. Events are schedule all throughout the year and all throughout the commonweath. Go here to see what's available near you.

Upcoming Events

DCNR has a lot to offer its outdoor visitors. Check out our Events page for a variety of upcoming programs in your area.